Eyelash Edging

Luxurious linen finished with inviting texture to create the perfect casual – yet sophisticated – look.


What Is "Eye Lash Edging?"

Taking a que from the deconstructed hard goods side of design, eyelash edging has grown in popularity over the past few years.  It is essentially  as raw as it gets, but as with any effortless look, it is anything but.  The process of removing stray threads to create an even frayed edge is all painstakingly done by hand, taking much more time and effort than a standard seam.

Black is Back

After years of grey, black has emerged as the go-to tone for the latest style trends.


Black Is Back

The pigment that encompasses all other pigments was a design staple for decades.  “Every room should have a touch of black somewhere” was commonly known.  Then, for years it was nearly muted out into various shades of grey.  Now, the most dramatic of dramatic is back as accent, and as foundation.

Touchable Textures, Bold Hues & Perfect Prints

We’ve got endless options in coordinating styles to help you create the perfect ensemble.


Touchable Textures, Bold Hues & Perfect Prints

Good design sends your senses on a journey, one in which the eye travels & rests while hands seek excitement through the tangible.  Please both by blending various touchable textures with color and pattern.  Create something dynamic by juxtaposing the sleek with rustic, light with dark; or create a southing experience by keeping to a subtle palette and texture story.

Chunky, Chunkier, or Chunkiest

Hannah is the perfect middle weight knit. Available in Throw and Dutch Euro.


Chunky, Chunkier, or Chunkiest

After introducing our “Chunky” Gage Throws in 6 colors

Then our “Chunkier” Hannah Throw and Dutch Euro come in 4 colors

And now are our “Chunkiest” & cuddliest collection yet – The Ava Collection in 4 colors.

New Arrivals

We always have something New.


For understated Luxury.

Duvet Covers

For many nights of careless eccentricity.

Dutch Euro

Can pillows be big enough.

Throws and Pillows

You can never have enough.

Inserts & Comforters

End of restless nights.


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