Year 0 = Reboot, Year 1 = We’re Back

Let me paint a picture for you:

Every morning this past week, during Atlanta Market (Jan. 12-19), I stop by the corner bakery near the AmericasMart to grab breakfast before heading upstairs to our showroom (B1, 9-A21). And I’m very happy to report a full house. I am greeted daily by a long line of customers and no available seating. I love it.

(By comparison, last summer the bakery was empty every morning during market. I’d walk in and be served immediately. Not a great feeling.)

My point is, it’s only January and 2020 already feels like a distant memory.


I’m calling last year “Year 0” and this year “Year 1,” because that is how we are now leading our lives: 

  • 2020 was about starting over again, rebooting, recharging
  • 2021 represents our first year back…

…As we pleasantly discovered at the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market (Jan. 6-12). Dallas proved to be one of the best markets in a long time for Amity Home. And I think it was because retailers are returning after being away for a while.

Designers have been active throughout pandemic. Their businesses have been strong, as more and more shoppers continue to seek help redesigning their at-home living and work spaces. 

But store owners were missing from last year’s markets because of Covid’s brutal impact on retail.

Now, we’re seeing our retail customers making a strong comeback. Turns out they had a good holiday season, which means they need to revamp their stores this new year with fresh assortments. And to do that, they are coming to us for our new Spring 2021 Collection as well as reordering old favorites and best-sellers from our existing line.

In Dallas, it was encouraging to see customers coming in from places like Tennessee and Mississippi and New York…Hats off to them for making their way to market and shopping the show. I, myself, attended for three days, and I’m very glad I went. We saw some great accounts, wrote up some good orders and we’ve very happy with the results from Dallas Market.

Luckily, that trend has continued for us into Atlanta Market, where we’ll  be through Tuesday. The air is thick with optimism, and the Mart is busy with traffic from both designers and retailers.

Of course, we still can’t compare market traffic to 2018 or 2019 levels. It will take time to return to normal.

But it’s clear that people are positive about this year, and they are working hard to motivate the business.

That includes us here at Amity Home.

And with that, we wish you a very warm welcome to “Year 1”!

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