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Ken Welch

My wife and I decide to buy quality furniture and used Sprintz this time. We made a huge mistake. We placed a $20,000.00 order and we were told it would be a couple of months. That couple of months soon changed to 4 months, then to 8 months, then a year. We decided to keep the order and wait and that is where the trouble started. Prices changed, delivery times changed, no return calls, mis-ordered items. A few items came in and were delivered to find damage on 2 of 3 items. These items had to be reordered and more wait time. We spoke to the general manager, and she switched us to her number 1 salesperson, and she was no better. I had 2 salespeople fail to keep contact or even return calls. They wanted me to call them on a special number and not at the store, WHAT? Then my reordered items come in and another damaged item. Oh, they made sure they got their full payment before delivery though. More waiting which was not bad because it is only 5 months down the road. Again, a reordered piece came in and instead of waiting another 3 weeks to be delivered we came to pick it up. What do you know it was damaged too. I asked for management and the owner was tied up but sent out the number 2 or 3 in command the Controller. We explained all the issues we had and even Mr. Contoller agreed he would not accept that damaged piece, funny all the other staff was saying those marks are tooling marks. I might have agreed with them, but I have 3 other pieces from the same furniture line, and they did not have "tooling marks". Needless to say, Mr. Controller said he would make sure this is taken care of and they will do something for us. That was the last time I saw or spoke to Mr. Controller he is nowhere to be found now that we are about to get our order soon. The delivery management staff confirmed some sort of credit will be provided but at the end. Well, the end is here, and nobody can be found. You want your furniture, pay the full price or you don't get it is what was conveyed to me. I could not get the General manager to return any emails after the first email I sent. Mr. Controller will not return a call or email neither. This is how you get treated at Sprintz Furniture. Mind you, they have quality furniture, but you have to pay full price and go through buyer's hell to make it to the end of the sale. Today we took delivery of our Daniel's Amish furniture and a great big thank you to Daniel's Amish. Quality furniture and traveled over 600 miles without any damage. Sprintz delivery staff are a great bunch of friendly and hardworking gentlemen, but they are not trades people. They just assembled my headboard and bed, and the bed was off center from the headboard, the screws on one side of the headboard were sticking out and not set flush with the furniture. Several of the screws were stripped where no Phillips bit could undo the screws. As soon as they left, we had to disassemble the headboard and install it correctly. The stripped screws had to be removed with vise-grips. How can you have people buy quality furniture and pay top dollar to send out staff that are not trained properly. That bed frame he worked on was $4,000.00 and the 3 stripped and unset screws should not be there. I finally can say we are finished with Sprintz Furniture and can say they will not be getting our 2nd order. That is so unfortunate that a company like Sprintz charges as much as they do and give very poor customer service. I never did get my credit everyone promised but they got their money and I was left with the headaches. If you are buying furniture, make sure you are prepared for disappointment and paying top dollar for that disappointment. They could have had another order from this customer instead I will be posting my Sprintz experience everywhere I can. If I came across a review like this I would think twice and make sure I could not buy that furniture elsewhere before going to Sprintz.

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