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Our Amity “Assential” Caprice Linen window panel adds a touch of romance to any room with a long ruffle along the bottom edge.
Fine linen is finished with an exaggerated ruffle along the bottom edge, for panel that is both wispy and romantic. Available in 10 colors, this panel is an easy selection for any setting wanting to add a little extra softness to the room.
Available in our 10 “Assential” Colors:

  • Ash Grey
  • Asphalt
  • Grey Chambray
  • Ivory
  • Natural
  • Neutral Grey
  • Petal Pink
  • Seaglass
  • Steel Blue
  • White

    Priced per panel.


  • We offer 96″ Length as Ready to Ship. Any Custom Lengths please see below
  • Ready to Ship: 50 Inches Wide X 96 Inches Long – Rod Pocket 3 Inches
  • 50 Inches Wide X 84 Inches Long – Rod Pocket 3 Inches- CUSTOM (Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery)
  • For Lenghts 84 Inches or below

  • 50 Inches Wide X 108 Inches Long – Rod Pocket 3 Inches-CUSTOM (Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery)
  • For Lenghts 97 Inches to 108 Inches

  • 50 Inches Wide X 120 Inches Long – Rod Pocket 3 Inches-CUSTOM (Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery)
  • For Lenghts 109 Inches to 120 Inches

    For Lengths over 120 Inches- Please contact us

  • Custom Program: Custom Length or Widths, Custom Headers, Inner lining, Blackout Lining, and Weights are available under our custom program. Please contact our friendly customer service associate for pricing.
  • All Custom Orders are Final Sale. No refunds or exchanges. Non Refundable Deposit of 50% is required.

    For more information please look at the tab on the right CUSTOM CURTAINS

    100% Linen

    Care Instructions: Machine Wash Cold, Gentle Cycle. Do not use Bleach. Tumble Dry Low or Line/Flat Dry. Or Dry Clean.

    We make every effort to display color accurately in our images. However, digital screens and monitors may display color differently. We cannot be responsible for color variations between our product and your screen.

    QUILT Baby 36 x 50 92 x 127
    Twin 70 x 90 178 x 228
    Full/Queen 90 x 95 228 x 241
    King 105 x 95 267 x 241
    Oversize King 115 x 98 292 x 249
    SHAM Standard Sham 20 x 26 50 x 66
    Euro Sham 26 x 26 66 x 66
    King Sham 20 x 36 50 x 91
    Pillow 20 x 20 50 x 50
    Large Pillow 24 x 24 61 x 61
    Accent Pillow 14 x 20 35 x 50
    Bolster 16 x 28 40 x 71
    X Large Bolster 14 x 42 35 x 106
    Lumbar 14 x 24 35 x 60
    Dutch Euro 31 x 37 78 x 94
    DRAPERY PANEL Drapery Panel (Ready to Ship) 50W* x 96L 127W x 244L
    Drapery Panel (Custom) Any Any
    SWATCH Swatches 10 x 10 25 x 25
    DUVET COVER Twin 66 x 88 168 x 244
    Full/Queen 88 x 96 224 x 244
    King 107 x 96 272 x 244
    Super King 112 x 98 284 x 249
    Standard Sham 20 x 26 50 x 66
    Euro Sham 26 x 26 66 x 66
    King Sham 20 x 36 50 x 91
    BED SKIRT (3 PANEL) Twin 39 x 76 + 21 99 x 193 + 53
    Full/Queen 60 x 80 + 21 152 x 203 + 53
    King 78 x 80 + 21 198 x 203 + 53
    SHEET SET Twin Flat Sheet 68 x 100 173 x 250
    Twin Fitted Sheet 39 x 76 x 15 99 x 193 x 38
    Twin X Long Fitted Sheet 39 x80 15 99 x 203 x 38
    Full Flat Sheet 81 x 100 206 x 250
    Full Fitted Sheet 54 x 76 x 15 137 x 193 x 38
    Queen Flat Sheet 90 x 106 229 x 269
    Queen Fitted Sheet 60 x 80 x 15 152 x 203 x 38
    King Flat Sheet 106 x 106 269 x 269
    King Fitted Sheet 78 x 80 x 15 198 x 203 x 38
    King Flat Sheet 106 x 106 269 x 269
    King Split Fitted Sheet (2) 39 x 80 x 15 99 x 203 x 38
    Standard Pillowcase 20 x 30 50 x 76
    King Pillowcase 20 x 40 50 x 101
    BOX SPRING COVER Queen Box Spring Cover 60 x 80 x 15 152 x 203 x 38
    King Box Spring Cover 78 x 80 x 15 198 x 203 x 38
    THROW Throw 50 x 60 127 x 152
    Super Throw 70 x 80 178 x 203
    RUGS 60 x 84 152 x 213
    96 x 120 244 x 304
    108 x 144 274 x 366
    Rug Swatches 18 x 18 46 x 46
    Sizes are approximate, our measurement tolerance is +4″/-2″
    * See Curtain Section for Details

    Whether purely decorative or light and cold blocking, curtains play an essential role in home décor. Most rooms are filled of sharp corners and hard surfaces from architectural elements to the furniture and decor that fill the planes between.

    Curtains soften those edges and make for a more comforting and inviting space. Curtains can also be used to make windows appear larger and focus attention on the view the window accesses, instead of keeping the focus inside at the window frame itself.

    Stock Program – Ready made, in stock, and a great value.

    All Amity Home curtains are stocked with a few basics

    • Rod Pocket.
    • 96” Long.
    • Single Width (varies based on specific design of each panel).
    • Reference Curtain Width Cheat sheet for specifics width per style).
    • Un-lined.
    • Designed to highlight character of fabric.
    • Several styles have been designed to incorporate interesting details that highlight the character of the fabric. These details may limit the custom options below.


    • Pinch Pleat – The classic triple pleat that leans towards more traditional styling.
    • Euro Pleat – Pinched from the top of the curtain panel, this pleat can easily live in both traditional and transitional styles.
    • Grommet – The addition of a 2 1⁄2 “ metal grommet adds a modern element. Select between Brushed Nickel, Chrome & Oil Rubbed Bronze.
    • Tie Top – These exaggerated ties feel fresh in modern farmhouse style.

    The only limit on length is your imagination, and of course the application itself.

    Measure from top (where you expect to hang the hardware) to bottom (where you want the bottom of the panel to hit.


    • Hanging curtains high (slightly below crown) or minimum 4” above window molding will give the illusion that the window is larger than it really is and give the room a grander feel.
    • Consider the drop if you are using rings with your pleats or rod pocket.
    • To Break or Not to Break –
      1. No Break - Take a nod from today’s fashion and hover just slightly above the floor for a more casual, form-follows-function look. Take care to ensure there is only a breath of air between the floor and the bottom of the curtain. We’re not highlighting hipster socks in the dining room.
      2. Slight Break - Just as a finely tailored trouser has that signature crease, add 1” to allow your panels to gently break on the floor for a more formal feel.
    • Puddle – Like the opulence of a wedding train, a puddling curtain adds lavishness to any room.

    For functional curtains and larger windows more than 1 panel per side may be necessary. Specify width from single & a half to triple. (seams may show on shear styles like Kent)

    • Functional – to open and close without a gap in the middle or at the ends. Curtains should have some fullness when closed and should not be pulled taught.
    • Measure width of the window + any extra wall space in which the curtain will rest when open.
    • (Note: extending the rod past the window allows the curtains to frame the window without covering it when in the open position. This makes the window appear larger and maintains all possible natural light during the day.)
    • Plain Panels – double the width to provide adequate fullness when closed
    • Pleated Panels – (including standard panels like Ethan, Ranier and Owen) have fullness sewn in, so you can just round up to the nearest half width.

    Adding lining to a panel can add structure and functionality.

    • Lining - a lightweight white cotton that provides subtle structure and a thin barrier of UV protection to the decorative fabric, extending the life of the panel.
    • Inner Lining + Lining – always used in partnership with the basic lining, Inner lining provides a more rigid structure to the panel, higher UV protection and increased draft protection.
    • Black Out Lining + Lining – adding Black Out to the basic lining does just what the name suggests, it blacks out the light coming from outside or vise versa. It is the ultimate in UV protection and is especially useful in eastward facing rooms that get the most direct light in the early morning hours.




    Grommets Available In Oil Rubbed Bronze Brushed Nickel

    Measuring Guide


    Width (X)

    Divide by 2 for each panel width Needed

    Flat Panel*

    Multiply by 2

    (For fullness when closed)

    *Stocked Plain Rod Pocket, Custom Grommet, Custom Tie Top

    Pleated Panel*

    Round up to nearest 1/2" width

    (Fullness is already sewn in)

    *Stocked Ethan, Owen, Ranier & Ruched

    Custom Pinch/Euro Pleat

    Length (Y)

    If using Rings: Subtract Ring & Clip Length

    If using Slight Break: Add 1"

    If using Puddle: Add 3-6"

    A PDF version of this page is also available. You can download it here.


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