Meet Susan Lynch Scranton

As we continue to celebrate Women’s History Month throughout March….
Allow us to introduce Susan Lynch Scranton, Amity Home’s design director extraordinaire!
We met Susan back when she was with a major furniture/furnishings retailer, leading its Accessory Division and rapidly climbing the corporate ladder.
Searching for a new bedding line, Susan knew instantly that Amity Home would be a good fit, and we developed a good professional relationship with Susan over her years there.
But Susan had another calling. Looking to fulfill a dream to help people on a more personal level, one on one, she made a bold change in her life, and left her job to relocate to India to work with an non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to educating and supporting women at risk of being trafficked.
“We trained the ladies about unknown risks of trafficking and offered them skills and income opportunities to dissuade them from that life,” Susan explained. “I was helping them develop new products based on the skills the NGO’s leaders were teaching them. We did outreach and developed relationships with the ladies to offer them different experiences and opportunities so that they could choose the best future for themselves.”
After spending 2.5 years at the grassroots level, Susan was ready to come back home – but not to a corporate-type job.
“My experience taught me that I needed to find an opportunity that could bridge profit with non-profit work,” she explained.
That’s when Susan launched Made Anew, a consulting firm for design, product development and merchandising, with links to socially-conscious programs.
And that’s when we reconnected with Susan – and connected with Atlanta-based Re:loom, a non-profit dedicated to providing training and job skills to individuals struggling with low-income and homelessness, by teaching them to be artisans. They are trained and hired to weave recycled materials in finished products (like pillows) that are then sold to wholesalers, retailers and on the organization’s own website.
“When I started working with Amity Home, I pitched the idea of creating a line of pillows by re:loom, and we worked it out,” Susan said. “That was the first real bridge connection I made between profit and non-profit.”
Collaborating with re:loom is not so much about making money – it’s about supporting the organization’s initiatives to offer people the opportunity to learn a trade, earn an income, learn work ethic, manage a paycheck, understand the importance of health insurance and gain independence.
Made Anew has since expanded to include an online boutique that sells artisan-crafted goods made of natural and up-cycled materials, and partners with programs that support a positive social and/or environmental impact.
We’re proud to work with Susan across our full line of luxury fashion bedding as well as our “Weaving a Better Life” collection of pillows by re:loom artisans.
Join us in honoring Susan!

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